The best way to contact me is probably my email address,

If you want to keep your message secure, and you've figured out the magic incanations needed to use PGP properly, then you can encrypt an email with my key, 1777-5FF3-B42E-401D-511F-22F5-5604-4136-536F-7EF2.

I'm also fairly active on Twitter at @yaakov_h, so you can probably grab my attention there.

I feel like I probably shouldn't have to say this, but if I end up needing to have said this and didn't, then that could cause trouble:

Everything on this site is my personal opinion (or a not-necessarily-endorsed reposting of somebody else's). Nothing on this site is to be taken as the position of my employer, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Nothing on this site is to be taken as legal advice, medical advice, financial advice, etcetera. If you do something I suggest here, and it goes spectacularly wrong, it's not my fault.